Generous Churches Are Led By Generous Pastors

Generous churches are led by generous pastors. It’s possible to be a generous pastor of a non-generous church. But it’s nearly impossible to be a generous church that is not led by a generous pastor. This speaks directly to the level of influence leaders have on their communities. In many cases, the primary symptom of a church struggling to fund its mission and ministry is a pastor who struggles with money.

I understand that as a pastor you didn’t commit your life to professional ministry because you wanted to talk about money. You may have even been trained to believe that talking about subjects such as money, sex, and politics were off limits and potentially offensive. So I understand if you are reluctant to teach or preach on this subject.

In fact, I want to start out by letting you know two things: one, that it’s OK to be uncomfortable talking about money, and two, it’s NOT OK to let that discomfort become an excuse for failing to develop your people in this area.

The truth is that leaders who lead generous churches don’t just talk a good game. They have intentionally trained themselves in the principles of generosity and they openly model a generous life. “Generosity is a value that is modeled at the top level,” says one church leader. “It’s not just something we talk about, it is modeled on all levels—individuals, leaders and as a church.”

The attitude a pastor has about his own finances will have a direct effect on the community the senior leader serves.  Churches we’ve worked with have frequently experienced exceptional growth in giving when the pastor has spoken freely about his own attitudes toward money.  In other words, the posture  a senior leader take in this matter will set the expectation and the tone for others.

Just as Jesus calls us to make a decision to follow him, your orientation toward generosity will inspire others to follow suit or it will distract them from using what they have for the advancement of the kingdom.

The “follow me” principle — a senior leader modeling generosity and challenging the people to come along.

Generous churches are led by generous pastors.

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