Notes From My Keynote Talk At LCI 2010

Today, I am in San Antonio where I will be speaking to a group of large church pastors in the United Methodist Church. It is an annual gathering called Large Church Initiative 2010 (LCI 2010). Among others, Will Mancini spoke on Tuesday and Reggie McNeal was here on Wednesday. Chances are , they are still recovering from Reggie’s message this morning. If you have ever heard Reggie speak, you know what I am talking about! He challenged pretty much all their assumptions about church in the USA. Nancy Ortberg will wrap up the conference this afternoon.

My words to this group will focus on generosity from the perspective of getting past the (mainly) self-imposed limitations we have placed on our churches. A key point I will make is that, when it comes to funding, we have a tendency to let “just enough be good enough” and, in doing so, we place a limit on the financial generosity of the people of our churches.

My speaking notes are attached below. I’d welcome your comments.

LCI 2010 Keynote Talk 04.15.2010

(Note: I would be remiss if I did not express a word of thanks to my colleague, Ben Stroup. His phrase “pushing the limits of church funding” is compelling. I have borrowed it here for the main thought and have added my own take on the topic. I also borrowed a few of his key points as a wrap up to the message. Thanks, Ben. You are reverse mentoring me!)

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